Prospects for Sponsors

When working with pentaship brands, companies and institutions that get involved in sponsoring benefit from new impulses for brand development, the acquisition of additional sales markets and target groups as well as media-effective image transfer.

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Stable Bridges
into the Future

It's worth getting off the beaten track. In times of changing social values, creating new connections and treading new paths is an investment in the future for every company. Targeted sponsoring is a tried and tested means.
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Sustainable Brand Development

Brand fit determines the success of a sponsorship commitment. But don’t we just have to fit the project to the image and match the KPIs? Not necessarily.
If you want to expand and further develop your brand in a sustainable way, you have to keep up with current social developments and changing consumer decisions. Today, profit must also make sense.
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Increase in Reach

Selected events, branded entertainment, storytelling, native advertising and the use of testimonials from sports, culture and science generate media attention. Controlling the presence of brand messages and brand values in social media, TV, etc. intensifies qualitative and quantitative contacts.
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Optimal use of Budgets

Do you want to position yourself regionally, nationally or internationally? The challenge is to define which engagements in the communication mix achieve the best possible impact and which image dimensions influence a cooperation.
So that your money is invested wisely, pentaship ensures transparent use and a verifiable ROI.

Quite an Achievement
to your Advantage

pentaship specializes in taking "corporate culture" literally. Experience has led to the development of clever strategies that open up new image dimensions for licensees and enable plannable brand goals.
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Consulting & Positioning

Positioning options are developed after workshops, a brand audit, stakeholder evaluation and competitor analysis. It is then clarified which sponsorship commitments can be considered in order to achieve the determined marketing goals.

Suitable cooperation partners are found in the defined target areas. pentaship takes care of all sponsoring processes: From contract negotiations to contract design and sponsorship management.

  • Brand audit and KPIs  
  • Positioning Processes
  • Sponsorship Goals
  • Partner for Cooperation
  • Contracts and tax law


Strategy & Marketing

With pentaship, Sponsor can decide how to get involved. This makes sponsorship a more powerful tool for setting your own, calculable standards.

This allows more options in the configuration of service packages as well as more flexible access to content and channels and their communities. This means that no investor has to buy a pig in a poke.

  • Sound Analyses
  • Market and Media Platforms
  • Communication Strategies
  • Variants of Brand Representation
  • Customer and Employee Concepts


Implementation & Control

The accompaniment and coordination of the commitment from the sponsor wall to customer and major international events is crucial for success.

It is also about the precise media placement and accompanying services that serve customer loyalty and value creation.

  • Organizational Management
  • Sales Concepts
  • Barter Deals
  • Naming Partnerships
  • Product Placement


Activation & added value

Get active and communicate with your audience. pentaship develops custom activations as innovative marketing tactics that engage people. The immersive and the interactive entertains and informs.

Whether augmented reality, videos or projection mapping: technology is fun and creates unique experiences. It can also benefit sponsors through more brand sympathy, stronger customer loyalty and a higher level of awareness.

  • Creative Marketing Tactics
  • Alternative Product Presentation
  • Branded Entertainment
  • Technology as an Identification Tool
  • Image Rejuvenation


Analysis & Measurement

Achievements are not always easy to assess. It depends on whether the sponsor wants targeted hype or a long-term image transfer.

The number of contacts, the acceptance of the commitment, the perception of the brand and the return on investment can be measured. Professional monitoring, final evaluations and (on request) the involvement of a market research institute produce a precise analysis of the results.

  • Professional Monitoring
  • Measurement of Range
  • Target group Analysis
  • Media Response
  • Return on Investment
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