Kick-off for a Cultural Energy Exchange

Sponsorship offers a great opportunity to radically improve the way rights are valued, bought, sold, activated and measured using technology, research and data. However, until now, there has been a lack of a digital platform where Rights holder and Sponsor can exchange information worldwide to adjust their respective market value to current developments and know how the stocks are doing.

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The goal is a token-based governance model for a digital sponsorship system. Algorithms will be used to value and standardize marketing and services, licenses, intangible assets, and cultural assets, to represent them as digital assets, and to establish and trade them as a global "cultural currency.

This gives the cultural sector more liquidity and control and sponsors more independence in the configuration of rights packages as well as more flexible access to content and channels. Offers and bids can thus be distributed nationally and internationally.

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The novelty of this project convinced the ministry. Tokenization can manage sponsorship processes more effectively and enable objective and transparent measurement of success. Thus brought into a new age, it would broaden the horizon for Rights holder and Sponsor .

Our latest survey research

Token-based sponsorship

In order to launch the prototype for this "sponsoring exchange" with IT experts and the latest technologies, we would like to ask you to support us in our market research and fill out the linked questionnaire.

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